We designed the Moto X Pure Edition to give everyone the pure Android experience without any layers of bloatware. Part of the reason we are able to do this so effectively is because the smartphones are unlocked. While you’re enjoying your pure android experience, be sure to check out these hardware integrated enhancements brought to you by our product development team to simplify your life.


Moto X Pure Red Collection







Red Leather


Royal Blue



Handsfree voice

Without ever touching your phone you can get information updates, send and listen to texts, place and receive calls, get directions... the list goes on. Just say the words.



For those of us who prefer a little more discretion you can avoid everyone hearing your “dialogue” with your phone by using Lift. Just raise it to your ear, listen for the prompt, and say any command.


Chop Twice for flashlight

It's all in the wrist. Just two quick flicks.

Another cool feature designed to give you immediate access to the flashlight is to chop twice. In my experience it is best to hold the bottom half of the smartphone, and to use your wrist to do quick, shallow chop motions. I should also mention the chop motion does not need to be downward.


Twist twice for camera

This is probably my favorite integrated feature. No need to fumble with the keypad to take a snapshot of a candid moment. Just quickly twist your wrist twice and capture the moment.


Always Aware Camera

  • Always Aware Camera will detect and auto scan any QR code or barcode. I sometimes use this to find more health information on food and drinks I am consuming.
  • Your camera will also auto scan business cards so you can directly call, save to contacts and more.



My Moto X Pure Edition knows when I’m about to check it.


Intelligent Display

  • The display turns on showing me my notifications right before I am about to pick it up.
  • You can also now control the music you are listening to via a persistent notification.



Moto X Pure Champagne Collection







Pitch Black