The video below captures the great story from our talented design and engineering teams about the making of the Moto ShatterShield™.





The Moto ShatterShield™ consists of five layers. Here is the rundown captured in the video:


  • Aluminum Chassis - For Rigidness

  • Flexible Amoled Display - Amazing Picture Quality

  • Dual Touch Layer - Resilient Touch Response

  • Interior Lense - Flexible and Crystal Clear

  • Exterior Lense - Protective Layer


The video also features commentary from various team leaders including:

  • Jim Wicks, SVP of Consumer Experience and Design

  • Jason Wojack, VP of Engineering, Product Architecture

  • Jeff Snow, Director of Product Management

  • Marcello Zuffo, Design Lead

  • Thomas Boucquey, Creative Director

  • Leslie Hicks, Color and Trend Designer