The Moto X Pure Edition features two different cameras. The first is the main, rear 21 MP camera, and the second is the front 5 MP selfie camera. Both of these cameras take incredible pictures. Let’s dive a little further into some of the details.


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21 MP Top Rated Camera

With a top of the class DXO camera score the new Moto X Pure Edition is a force to be reckoned with. What the DXO score represents:

  • The amount of information captured by the lens in a camera

  • How well the lens and camera work together

    Our main camera features 21 megapixels of vivid imagery in every photo you take and also has a DXO score of 83. This is a higher score than the iphone 6 and 6s cameras.



Our engineers take some serious pride in the work they did over the last year to accomplish this. We hope you have just as much pride in the photos you take.


(Shot by Amal Chandran)


CCT actively tunes the flash color so overall color balance is improved in pictures that use flash.

The camera also features a new technology known as Color Tuned (CCT) Flash. Most people have experienced flash photos where the color looked terrible. CCT works to solve this problem. CCT Flash uses two LEDs with different color temperatures to actively blend multiple colors of light. Depending on the color needed one LED is driven harder than the other allowing for a range of possible flash colors. This allows the flash to match the room lighting more closely and produce a picture with better color.


(Shot by Amal Chandran)



Another key feature of our main camera is Closed Loop Autofocus combined with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF). Closed loop provides feedback from the lens to the camera that allows it to autofocus at an incredibly rapid pace. What this means for you?

No more staring at your screen waiting for the camera to focus.

(Shot by Christopher Korokeyi on a train quickly passing over the Chicago River)


5 MP Selfie Camera

Our selfie camera is a leader in the marketplace too! It features a wide angle lense that allows you to capture more fun in all your selfies. We have also included an integrated selfie flash that helps you take great photos at all your late night, low light events with friends.


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