Star Wars Beer Steins


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Check out these most likely unofficial Star Wars Beer Steins...

At $50 a pop these things better be able to control the temperature of my beer too, but you have to admit they are some really eye-catching designs. I expect for these to sell quite well over the winter holiday season (for me that’s both Christmas and Festivus) considering the new Star Wars flick will be coming out.

Assuming they are thermally insulated I would probably use them more often for hot chocolate and heated apple cider than beer. Not because I don’t drink beer or anything, but when I’m home, I’m usually alone, and my father always taught me to never drink alone…. which is surprising since there are laws against being publicly intoxicated.

At any rate, not to beat a dead horse (but to moonsault a dead horse instead) I hope one day they can include red and blue light sabers to electronically heat and chill the beverages, because that’s not at all dangerous in the hands of child like me.

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Replying to @amkrum - see original post

I'm legitimately impressed with the wordplay.

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This will be great to get.. wait for it... "sith faced". Thanks for posting, "yoda best.."

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I've long held the conspiracy theory that Chewie was immune to the power of the force, so that'll be the beer stein for me!